Sippy Cup

We're on the hunt for a sippy cup. Little O can't seem to get the hang of a sippy cup. Miss A was drinking from a sippy cup (and no bottle) when she turned 1 - the day after. I plan to do the same thing with Little O, but I need her to love a sippy cup. I think it's going to take awhile with her. She loves her bottle!

We've tried born free, green sprouts, nuk, tommy tippee, gerber, and a handful of others. So far, born free is the best (it's the bottle she uses), but she's not a pro. A work in progress.


Anonymous said...

try this--we had the same problem. It is a 3 stage and has 3 different nipples--one like a bottle to start out with, then sippy and then a straw like one. It worked wonders.


Anonymous said...

oh--I believe Meijer might carry these if you don't want to order online.