Little O - 10 Months Old

A little old to getting around to post this, Little O is 10 months old. As active as can be, she is all over the place. I honestly can't believe she isn't walking by now, but she's still hovering around and talking along furniture, tables, etc. She has taken a few unassisted steps towards her daddy and sister, although we still have awhile before walking. She is so tall, that when on her feet, she is still a little wobbly. We are working on it. She wears size 4 diapers, and has for a long time. She eats like crazy and wants to eat all the time. Her bottle size has decreased and I'm getting ready to prep her for cow's milk and soley sippy cups. We finally found a great cup that she loves - green sprouts straw cup - and she's a pro!!!

Hard to believe my baby is 10-months-old. Time flies.