A Mini Vacation

The Iron Chef and I escaped town ... well ... for a few days. We headed to the coast for some fun. The hubby had his work Christmas Party in San Francisco and we worked our trip around that function. We drank too much, ate too much, and had a great time. It was a well needed trip away from our kiddos. Love them to death, but time away is always a great thing - on both ends.

We started off the trip with our second visit to the beautiful 17-mile-drive. We went to the majority of the stops, grabbed lunch at Pebble Beach, and ended our day with scenic views of Carmel Beach, which is amazing! And, of course, the end to the end ... happy hour.

Day 2 included driving along Highway 1. The California coast is amazing, breathtaking, and the drive is crazy! It will definitely make a motion sickness person not feel well ... but worth a drive. Hearst Castle - check! Sunset on the ocean - check! Another enjoyable day.

After our adventures on the coast, we headed up to San Francisco for the Iron Chef's Christmas Party, which was held on a private yacht. We toured around the San Fran bay, enjoying the beautiful skyline lit up with holiday lights. Definitely a creative way to see the city at night. Before our big celebration we walked the Golden Gate Bridge and toured Alcatrez. Alcatrez was definitely one of my favorites on this trip. Great information, eery information. Hard to believe this was a working prison several years ago.

Next up --- Jamaica --- and we can't wait!


Deanna Sheffler said...

You are welcome! Nana (I loved keeping the girls, wish I could do it more often)