The Sickies

We'd had the cold bug swoop through our house these last few weeks. No fun at all. The Sous Chef, myself, was sick during Thanksgiving, Miss A shortly after that, and now poor Little O. It really hit her hard.

Looking cute and festive in her trumpette tights, red pedipeds (one shoe on, one shoe off), red dress ... she couldn't quite last long enough with her toys without falling asleep.

Poor thing.

I took her to the doctor on Wednesday and found out, in addition to the congestion, cold, cough, she also has an ear infection. She's been a crying mess these last few days and I haven't been able to get anything done around the house. I'm hoping the antibiotics kick in and do their job.


Deanna Sheffler said...

Oh Poor little thing, cute as alwasys though. Nana came home from your house with that little bug too. But after two weeks it is finally going away. Hopefully yours won't last that long! Sending lots of hugs your way. Love, nana