Botox Injections?

Toddlers fall. Actually, I believe toddlers fall quite frequently. They are still learning about balance, attempting to run faster than their little legs will carry them and trying to understand why you can't climb on top of 20 books and not fall. It's a hard concept.

The Chef Family has more accidents with Ms. A when it comes to her lips. She'll fall and bite her lip. This has happened on several occassions, including once in the bathtub, leaving the Iron Chef and myself in quite a scurry trying to figure out if she knocked her teeth out our not.

Here's the story this time. Just as we were about to sit down for Thanksgiving dinner ... I was just begin to plate all of our dishes and the turkey was just about to be cut and served. Yes, Ms. A took a tumble. She thought she could walk on books. Shiny covered books from the library (with protective covers might I add) on hard wood floors are definitely not a great combination. She took a dive and feel lip first into the hardwood floor. The tears were a flowing and the lip was a swelling. Oh, this was a beauty and we took pictures to prove it. A's lips looked like a botox injection gone bad. They were seriously that big.

Her lip is much - much - much better today. The swelling has gone down and a few dried pieces of her lip skin are starting to flake off. Poor little thing. It's hard to be a baby (I mean toddler, yet I still want to say baby).


raffy said...

My daughter had botox injections twice and we didn't do sedation either time. Her doctor prescribed medicine to her to make her drowsy and it worked just fine. The injections only took a few seconds to do so it was fine.

Cala said...

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I am glad that you found a way to not be in pain again. I understand what that is worth. Botox has helped many people when used medically. Like I stated in the article, Botox was originally used to treat cross eyes. That was a lifesaver to many. And pain. Botox has been used successfully to treat people that have migraines because it goes in and prevents the neurons from firing the signal of pain. I have had migraines and I know how debilitating they can be.

face said...

your family are pretty.

Dr Nirdosh said...

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