Baby Ballet

Pictures simple do not do justice to Ms. A's new baby ballet class. These little girls are the sweetest little dancers. Their emotions and moves will simply make your heart melt.

The ballet ensemble (we're still looking for real ballet shoes/slippers?)

Being shy.

Waiting for Ms. Angie, the ballet instructor.


Leah Robinson said...

How adorable! I love this age when they can do dance classes. We tried AJ in one last fall and she was still too young to listen. We will try again this fall =) Go Ava!

RedHead said...

That's what I used to teach to the "little ones"!!!! Tell Ms. A that I am oh-so-proud of her!!! She's adorable!

Nikki said...

It's so great she's already comfortable with these sorts of group activities. They can really develop interests at young ages. Good luck finding the shoes!