After a day of running errands in the pouring rain, I came back home to this in my inbox.

The City of Lincoln is placing 500, yes, 500 goats in the preserve area
to rid it of undesirable plants. The goats, shepherd and herd dogs will start at Ferrari Ranch and will work their way around the preserve area. When the goats are in a specific area, the walking trail will be closed. Questions? Contact the City.

Hehehehehe. I guess I've never lived in a city that had free range goats to eat plants. You can be sure to catch a few pictures if we actually have a chance to see the goats.


Nikki said...

I love this! What town couldn't use some free-range goat entertainment?! It's not like they're a dangerous and unpredictable animal. I suspect their most serious offense will be standing in the middle of the sidewalk making people go around. :) Love the pic!