Vacation Part #3 - Monterey (the last one in this series)

I had to come to a close with our mini vacation series because we have already returned from another mini vacation. haha. Go figure, right? I'm still working on finishing posting photos when we have already gone on another trip. Time to finish this one up.

After finishing up with the 17-mile drive, we headed to Monterey. Probably one of my favorite parts of our trip. Actually, this entire trip was one of my favorites, but this town just had such a "beachy" feel. Plus, we had a corner hotel room and had a little view of the ocean, so I can't complain too much.

We visited the Monterey Aquarium, which was fabulous (and also cost $30/ticket --- seriously??), enjoyed the beach, walked around town, shopped, had great meals, visited Dennis the Menace playgroup, watched MSU basketball games, and had a blast!

Now, time for pictures.


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

This brought back so many memories! I have the same picture as little Miss in the claim type blue/green shell .... And $30 is ridiculous!!!!!

Jamie said...