I decided I'm going to start blogging A-isms. From here on out, an A-ism refers to something Ms. A says. Since she's starting to really talk, the words that come out of her mouth are completely hilarious (sometimes) and othertimes make absolutely no sense at all. Like today, for example.

It goes like this ...

Me (the Sous Chef): Ms. A, what are you eating! (it looked like she was chewing on her tongue, but I had to make sure that's what it really was).

Ms. A: Looking at me with her tongue rolling she replies, "SALSA!"

Oh my goodness. At least she has a good imagination and putting her new vocabulary words to good use.

She also jumped off the couch for the first time tonight, too. We've tried to hinder "playing" on furniture and have kept her quite contained (as much as you can for a toddler) around furniture, but apparently she decided tonight was the night to try it. She landed, thankfully, and in one piece.