Mr. Sun

We've been spending a lot of time w/ Mr. Sunshine these days. I'm not going to lie, living in California is pretty darn nice. Actually, I'm really starting to love it. Hot summer weather in May? I think I'll take it. At this rate I think I'll be buying stock in suntan lotion and swimming diapers because we are definitely going through those like the speed of light.

And yes, of course, another swimsuit. I must thank one of Ms. A's friend, "K", for passing down this ladybug hat. It's adorable and matches one of the suits Ava already had. Now, she has the entire gymboree ladybug ensemble as one of her pool suits.

After I posted this picture I realized how LARGE Ms. A's feet look. I don't think they are big. She's in a size 5 shoe. Is that big for a 2 year old toddler? I have no clue. I guess the croc type shoes she have on are a little big for her feet ...