A Wii Addition

Yes, the Chef family now owns a Wii. Let's be honest, it's not for our 2-year-old daughter either. I'm sure the Iron Chef and myself will be found many a nights in the future playing wii games until our eyeballs are about ready to pop out!

The Iron Chef opted to purchase the black wii because it blends with his PS3 and all of our other electronic equipment we already own. Great thinking, hubby!

We figured this would be a fun and entertaining thing to do together as a couple in the evenings when the littlest Chef is in bed sleeping. Usually we are busy prepping for the following day, cleaning, laundry, etc ... but I guess that stuff will just have to wait until the initial "fun" period is over with this game.

Wii is definitely a fun filled, action packed video game and I actually feel like I am burning a few extra calories instead of just watching a screen. Wishful thinking, right?