Toothbrush Queen

If there was a contest for the most toothbrushes, I think Ms. A would have won! I think this girl has a toothbrush fetish. :) I was cleaning out a bathroom drawer and found all of these ...

Many of them ended up getting tossed because they were so worn, but I had to laugh and chuckle to myself. How on earth does a 2-year-old toddler end up with so many toothbrushes in her bathroom?

This is only one drawer and doesn't include those downstairs or in the master bathroom.

Time to do a little spring cleaning here at the Chef household.


Nikki said...

So I have to ask.... does she go out and buy them herself? 'Cause otherwise you sort of had to be aware of the fetish a few toothbrush purchases ago, right? :) Love it! And hey, if hygeine is the girl's love, I'd be celebrating it!