Three Year Old Attitude

I've noticed that Miss A has a whole new "approach" to life these days. She's been very "spirited" and a challenge at times. Not listening, not following directions, the whole nine yards. After watching this video of her, I realized I hope her reactions and temperments end sooner rather than later. The arms, the head bob. Yikes! I'm in for a treat! But, although this video highlights a few of her three year old attitudes, it also highlights her funny character.

And, how on earth does she think of these things? Toe jam? Seriously! After I video taped this, I caught her taking off her little O's socks to pick out her toe jam. Gross! Maybe she is on her way to becoming a podiatrist. Either that or we just have one big goof-ball on our hands!


Nikki said...

Sassy little thing! Cute vid.

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

She is a HOOT!!!!!!! I want to come to the parlor too :)