Miss A is 'three' and she let's everyone know it. For example, if she wants a snack, a book, a toy, or pretty much anything, her response? "I'll have three please. Why? Because I'm three."

It's pretty comical, actually.

Especially tonight.

I have both girls upstairs as our bedtime routine is in full swing. Miss A finished taking a bath and we were headed to her bedroom for pajamas, books, and prayers. In my arms, Miss O, takes a huge poopy. I ran out of diapers upstairs so I had to run to her bedroom downstairs to change her diaper. I grabbed a pair of pajamas, clean underwear, and socks for Miss A to put on.

Meanwhile, I changed a messy diaper. Upon finishing, I return upstairs to her bedroom. The following conversation is held:

Me: "Wow, Miss A. Great job getting on your pajamas."

A: "Thanks."

Me: "Did you get your panties on the right way?"

A: "Yes, all three."

Me: "All three?"

A: "Yes."

Me: I check to see if what she is saying actually matches up with what is true. Yes, it does. She has on three pair of underwear to go to bed.

Me: "Why do you have on so many panties?"

A: "I have three because I'm three. I need that many. I have one in case I dribble and three because I'm three."

Me: "Are you sure you need that many on for bed?"

A: "Yes, because I'm three."

I should have guessed. I should have known. So, as you guessed it, she's soundly asleep upstairs in her bed with all three pair of underwear on.


Nikki said...

that girl knows how to rock the fashion. Happy Birthday to her!