Long and Lean ... and Feeling Better!

I keep thinking Miss A is going to have a growth spurt any day, but not yet. She's smaller than all the boys that are younger than she is and shorter than most of the girls her age. Since she was so sick, I had to reschedule her 3-year well check so I do not know how she compares to kiddos her age right now.

But, I do know she lost weight while she was so sick. Poor thing. I didn't realize it (although every time we went to the doctor they would weigh her; she was 29.2 last time we went) I started snapping pictures recently. Her little legs are much skinnier than they were a month ago before she was sick.

As for her illness, I think we are free and clear! We have a follow-up appt coming up to double check on everything, including her hearing. But, her energy has returned! In a crazy kind of way. She starting to be the bubbly little girl I used to know and I love it! She still has her shy moments, but is overall feeling better. Although, she will still used the "I don't feel well" excuse occasionally when she needs attention. She'll say she has a bad cough. I'll tell her I don't hear her coughing and she'll make the most fake cough you could possibly ever hear in your life. So ... much better!

Here she is, skinny legs and all, sporting her new shades! And, her hair is starting to get blond highlights already from the sun.