A New Toy

The Iron Chef and I were supposed to be having a weight loss contest. With wedding season soon approaching and bathing suit weather within a month away, weight loss mission is underway! Both of us have been putting our elliptical to good use and I've also been walking a ton, too. I also jumped back on the running bandwagon. As you can see, we're on a mission. I am bound and determined to lose my baby weight faster this time around. I definitely gained more, especially in the midsection areas.

We were "supposed" to have a weight loss contest. First one to lost 10% wins a prize. A big prize such as a new ipad or a double bob stroller. Something worth sweating over, literally.

Well .....

The Iron Chef purchased a new toy today. To me. From me. (or so he states).

What's the new toy ---- ipad2!!! I must admit, it's pretty neat. The apps, the sleekness, etc, etc. At least now he will be extra motivated now that he already has his prize in hand, right? :)