The Cutest Helmet Baby - EVER!

I might be a 'little' bias. But ... don't you just think she's the cutest helmet wearing babe EVER! I do. Our little plagiocephaly baby finally has her helmet.

We've had our fair share of tears today, but she's doing incredibly well wearing the helmet during this "phasing in" transition. I have a strict schedule of how often she can wear it and when it has to be taken off. By the end of day 7, she'll be wearing the helmet 23 hours a day.

We had an appointment with the specialist yesterday, an appointment with pediatric neurosurgery today, and another appointment with the specialist on Thursday to check and see how little O is reacting to the helmet.

It's an adjustment for everyone. Even fitting in the carseat isn't the same as it used to be. Thank goodness for her new big girl Britax. She definitely wouldn't fit in the small carrier seat with her new helmet.

It's been an emotional kind of day.

As you can see, the helmet covers little o's entire head.

And after this long ordeal - here's a model of what we hope her head will look like. This is a model of her soon-to-be-hopeful head. The specialist isn't sure how long she will need to wear the helmet, so we're doing everything we need to do.


Nikki said...

She DOES look adorable in her helmet. You guys are doing all you can, and it will pay off. I'm glad there are options for making corrections to these things. Be brave and endure, it will be worth it! And just think, I bet afterward, she'll LOVE wearing hats.