Bubble Machine

Bubbles and kids. What a great a great combination. Something so simple can create such amazement, joy and excitement for hours. Or, in this case, can create laughter and fun as long as their are bubbles left in the container.

Finally, a close-up of the bubble gun.

Since the weather has warmed up, we've been spending tons of time in the yard and outside. As can be seen from the pictures, our backyard is full of weeds and all the landscaping needs pruning, weeding, etc, etc. Thank goodness for a child that loves to play in the outdoors and help me in the yard.


Leah Robinson said...

I'm so jealous! I'm ready for warm weather and I'd love to be a SAHM =) LOL

Nikki said...

Yeah, I was SO about noticing those weeds and untrimmed yard ;) A is the cutest thing ever!