Kick Off to Colts ... and Our Other Fav Team as Well

A kick off to the super bowl. Woot Woot!

Ms. A is a Colts fan and she knows it. She's had more Colts gear throughout her less than two years span of life than most people have clothes. Okay, that might be a stretch; however, it's definitely the truth that she's had something blue and white to wear since she was born. And, she's gone through several sizes since her preemie clothing stage - so you can only imagine her collection!

I found it fittingly appropriate to find a few photos of her decked out in Colts gear as she was cheering on her favorite team and her favorite player, #18. Go Manning!

I wonder who we'll be cheering for in the super bowl on Sunday! Can't wait for the big game.

This is definitely not a flattering picture. Super bad hair day. But, showing off her favorite player on the team!

She has tons more outfits, I just couldn't seem to find the pictures. Too many photos to look through in snapfish.

And, let's not forget about our other favorite team. I wouldn't want MSU to feel left out of all the fun.

Go COLTS! We'll be rooting and cheering and screaming all the way.