Nerd Alert!

This little chick-A is a little nerdy. Watch out. Total nerd alert in these photos. I couldn't help myself but to add a specific post. Yes, you can blame ME for the oh-so-"adorable" outfit, mismatching clothes and t-shirt. Nerd alert here we come!

Then, to add to the goodness, her daddy concocted special glasses to fit on her head while Ms. A was helping out in the yard (and yes, note our beautiful green grass. It's been in the 50/60's here lately).

But, Ms. A was on a mission. More than a mission you could ever imagine. And, with an almost two year old toddler, you just never know what she's going to do or where's she's going.

Front view of the outfit and glasses.

Back of glasses. Yes, please note the rope tie. Classy. ;)

Drilling in the bark seemed like a great idea ...

... until she realized she was really going to help out her daddy.

Pictures really just don't do justice to how nerdy she was in this little photo shoot. But, I love it and the Iron Chef loved it even more, especially since he came up with the great idea for the glasses. Oh, we love her so much.

One more close up. hehe.

Mission accomplished.


Sheri said...

She's still the CUTEST little nerd ever!

RedHead said...

At times like these, I would like to say she looks just like Kyle. Nerdy for sure! :o)

Leah Robinson said...


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Sheri stole the words right out of my mouth -- cutest little nerd!

Nikki said...

Darling pics. Nothing says down home like a girl with power tools - she needs a matching tool belt!