Tea for Two

Dusting off an old box in my daughter's room is something I do not frequently do. Mostly because everything in her room and closet gets used or worn on a regular basis. All except one little box and a pink Vera Bradley bag holding a few treasures. This is a special box, colored in pink flowers and vines, which holds Ms. A's special tea set. This was a gift she received from her great Grandma and Grandpa for her 1st birthday party.

Since the little princess was finally feeling better, we decided to do something special today -- have a tea party -- and dust off that special box. We only save this set for special occassions because it's glass, small and breakable. We keep the more child friendly kitchen items out on a regular basis, but this tea set hides on the top shelf. :)

With dishes fit for the little queen herself, Ms. A and I indulged in cup ...

... after cup after cup of tea and enjoyed Melissa and Doug cookies as well.

Here's a photo of the adorable tea set and the setting up process. The bunnies and pastel colors are fittingly appropriate for a little girl and the set is neatly packed away in its own special basket.

The table setting. Thank you, A!

And although not easy to do, our tea party finally came to a close and the pieces were put back together in their basket. Dusting off the box and taking the special tea set out of it's basket is such a special treat for all young little girls. To see Ms. A squeel with delight and excitement is amazing. And, to know that she actually understand the concepts of a tea party. She pretends to sip on the cup, pours the tea or somethings coffee, makes eating noises and everything in between.

Tea for two. And, two for tea.