Losing My Mind

It must be a toddler thing. To stick 'something' in some place where it does not belong. Such as her sippy cup. No, it doesn't belong in the master bedroom closet underneath the Iron Chef's hanging pants. Nor does it mean that packing peanuts are to be shoved in between cereal boxes in my pantry.

I thought I was losing my mind - and my belongings - recently because certain items just seem to disappear or to be moved from their permanent spot.

I went to quickly throw on my New Balance running shoes before heading out to finish a few errands and came across this ...

Yes, something that went missing. I purchased window clings for Ms. A to help her learn her numbers and colors and found them in my shoes.

So no, I'm not losing my mind. I'm most definitely not losing anything, or at least most things; they have simply been misplaced and replaced by my lovingly toddler daughter. However, I am quickly realizing that if I ask her where she may have placed something. She will find it for me - alas - after going on the most random hunt to the most random place; she'll find it [sometimes] and other times she looks at me like I'm crazy and losing my mind. That, maybe I am.


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Clever little Miss A!

Nikki said...

Kids learn how to hide things must earlier than they learn to FIND things, I swear! The stinky sippy cup of milk has been cause for major house upheaval around here! Funny that they are so adept at putting things in the last place we'd look though. Funny little A.