Pregnancy Update

Yes, I'm frustrated and frankly, a little sad. I was only 1 cm dilated at my doctor appointment today and he said this isn't enough to be induced. He said he was not comfortable inducing me at this point because the baby is still so high and my changes of an emergency c-section will be greatly increased. So ... the waiting continues.

Yes, I'm miserable. Miserable beyond belief. My cankles, I mean ankles, are still 'swollen' beyond being recognizable and the numbness in my fingers and the palm of my hands continues to get worse. My blood pressure was definitely a little higher, too. But hey, the doctor said he won't let me go past 2 weeks. Gulp. I know. I think I'll probably have nightmares tonight.

So on my agenda for tomorrow - buying 6-month or 9-month clothes for my newborn baby. My mom and I think that should be about right for how large this baby is getting. haha. But, in all seriousness, the baby is not getting any smaller nor am I.

It's going to be a long couple weeks of m-i-s-e-r-y! I'm done.


Nikki said...

It can be really tough on mom to go past a due date - there's so much wrapped up in planning to be DONE when they say you will. But keep your hopes up - it could only be a couple more days. And it's really better for baby and you, to not be induced! Your body has its reasons :) And I'm betting 8 lbs 5 oz. LOL

Leah Robinson said...

I know it's frustrating! But trust me, my friend was induced too early and she labored for over 20 hours and THEN baby was taken by c-section!! Things can change in just a day, so keep your hopes up hun! She could drop today and you could dilate 2-3 cm before next week's appointment and then he might just induce you then! Dr's have to tell you that because really it's unpredictable...all up to little Miss =)

P.S. Watch the swelling!! If you can buy, rent, or borrow a blood pressure cuff or machine to keep an eye on your BP! And the swelling in your feet isn't as risky as in your hands and face, if you notice more swelling in those areas..call dr ASAP do not take no for an answer if you want to be seen!