Lotsa Snow!

During our week of "vacation" we headed to Tahoe (actually the outskirts, but this gives you an idea of location) for some snow! Miss A doesn't get the snow in her backyard like the Iron Chef and I had growing up, so we have to drive to it! She loved every single minute in the snow and definitely didn't want to leave. She slept the entire drive home, too!

Parts near Donner Pass (near Truckee, NV) have about 17 ft of snow (according to my dad), so as you can imagine, these pictures with knee deep snow truly don't do justice on how much snow the Sierras have received this year. But, they give you an idea to how much fun Miss A had in the snow.


Sheri said...

Happy New Year!!! I miss Truckee snow!!!

Nikki said...

How fun. Nice change for a little girl used to the sunshine!