Prego Pizza

Well I was honestly waiting to post about the "Prego Pizza" because I was hoping it would send me straight to the hospital with a baby on the way. Well, not so much. It did, however, send me to the restroom and I believe I lost about 10 lbs ... then gained it all back in my cankles as can be seen in my previous post.

The pizza itself was actually not too bad. Lots of toppings and no sauce. Kind of like a deluxe pizza with several extra toppings. We'll definitely try Skipolini's again sometime, although on different terms.

And the story behind the pizza ...

In the spring of 1981, a woman desperate to give birth after a trying pregnancy, wandered into Skipolini's Pizza in downtown Clayton. Jokingly, the woman demanded that the manager give her a pizza that would make her have the baby soon. Seeing her desperation, the manager concocted a pizza with just about every known topping in the restaurant. The woman left the restaurant after eating the "Prego" pizza and went into labor that same evening. So began the amazing history of the first ever, the original, "Prego" pizza.

And here it is - the Prego Pizza. Even the box claims they are home to the original "Prego Pizza."


Nikki said...

That's a funny story. Sorry it didn't work out like you'd hoped. They probably don't offer any sort of money back gaurantee, huh? :) Hoping to hear good things soon.