March of the Penguins

I'm officially overdue, overdue and the Iron Chef informed me I'm walking around like a penguin. Maybe it was the black stretch pants, TIGHT white top and long sweater I had on that made him think I resembled a penguin. Or, maybe it was the fact I'm probably carrying a 9 lber (or at least she feels that big), overdue, large, and most definitely wobble. Either way, I think I'll work on a penguin picture to post, for memories and for laughing.

I was at the grocery store yesterday, wobbling to the front door. Some woman said, "I think I'll just stop my cart right now, I'm swaying and can't keep my cart in control." My response, "Really? It's okay if you hit me. I'm overdue. Maybe getting hit by a cart would send me into labor." She laughed. I didn't.

So our days now consist of being 'normal' and continuing with regular day to day operations. As if I wasn't pregnant at all - 3-6 mile walks, grocery stores, shopping, etc, etc - all with a penguin type waddle.