Get Ready to Laugh - Cankles at their BEST!

Yes, I'm swollen, really swollen. My ankles have gone well past cankles and here's a picture to prove it! I can barely wear loose socks without having them cut off my circulation.

My mom about died from laughter when she saw my ... um ... beautiful "legs" and my sister thinks there's not hope to be a cute, pregnant chick when it's her turn.

Oy vei this is going to be a long few days!


Leah Robinson said...

You poor thing! Try and put your feet up (I know hard to do with a toddler) but it will help!! Mine did that too with Alli Jo b/c I sat at my desk at work all day long :(

Nikki said...

Count your blessings. There are worse things than having to buy 'fat girl' socks to get your through the final month of pregnancy :) I love the pics though! Hoping you make it through the last weeks and have a beautiful birthing experience. Can't wait for pics of baby girl~!