Family Picture in the Making

Is it just me, or is it soooooooooooooo super hard to plan for a family picture. I seriously can never get the 'look' I am going for after we have pictures snapped. I took a "picture" of our little family while trying to find outfits to wear for our family picture.

We are snapping a few last pictures of our whole family pre-helmet because it will be awhile until we can snap pictures with Miss O sans helmet.

The Iron Chef and myself, sous chef, outfits are put (different pants), but the girls, it's so hard to decide! Who knows what I'll end up with.

Let's see if our family pictures turn out as great as planned. I'm going for the blue/white beachy look, but not white/khacki because we already have a picture like that. I started planning for this photo a little too late. Late August to shop for navy blue? Not so much.

Hoping for a few good shots!