Plagiocephaly. That's what I'm researching.

Ever heard of it? If not, google it! Plagiocephaly is a type of flat head syndrome. Something Little O has ... or at least that's what her pediatrician thinks. Not sure how it happened, but it's something the Iron Chef and I have noticed from the very beginning about Little O. Possibly the way she was inutero? Positional issues? Neck muscles issues? Really, we aren't sure.

At little O's 6-month routine care, I stressed my concern for her head shape once again. After further analysis, the pediatrician not only thinks her head is assymetrical, but she has a few facial assymetrical aspects as well. Our pediatrician recommended we wait another 3-months. I said, "No WAY!" Bring on the referrals.

I shed a few tears this evening while I was researching this topic. Realizing that Little O may have to go through cranial orthotic (helmet) therapy, doctor visits, etc. We may have a very long road ahead of us ... our first consultation is tomorrow.