New Changes

Baby O's appointment went well. I guess. The news was nothing that surprised me, although I did not take the information well. Many tears were shed today as I realized the new changes that our family was about to embark on.

Little O will be receiving cranial orthotic therapy and her pretty little helmet will arrive next week.

Her helmet will look just like this one - light pink.

Many measurements were taken of her head and diagonally from right forehead to left back side and left forehead to right back side is a difference of 11 mm. To give an idea of the severity, the general range of when a helmet is considered begins at 6 mm. We're almost double that difference.

Miss O is displaying a typical case of positional plagiocephaly, although the exact cause cannot be determined. We've indicated an issue with this since almost birth.

Next week we will also see a pediatric neurosurgeon to check up on a few other issues. Our pediatrician believes she is developmentally where she should be for her age, but neurologically we are checking on a few other issues. We just are playing it safe with this one. Our pediatrician originally recommended me waiting another 3 months because she believed the Little O's head would round out and heal on it's own. That clearly is not the case. The specialist today believed her case should have been started several months ago with physical therapy to build up her neck muscles and then start with helmet therapy at maximum 5 months of age. We are already almost 2 months past that point. I'm glad I continued to stress this as an issue because 'something' was needed in her case.

The diagnosis - head asymmetrical and facial asymmetries as well. That's not an easy pill to swallow if you are a momma. I may be the strong sous chef, but man, I feel like a flawed mom with a diagnosis like that. I feel everyone is going to view me as a bad mom that just sits her child down on the ground all day. I do, I really do. And, I'll probably tear up hearing everyone ask, "What's wrong with your child? etc, etc."

Just not an easy time. But we're changing. One step at a time. We'll make it. We're praying and we're asking others to pray for a swift healing process for Little O's little head. She needs the prayers and so do we. We have a long journey ahead of us on this one.


Leah Robinson said...

If anything Jamie, you are an amazing mom for insisting you be referred! I cannot believe the ped didn't catch this sooner!! You are not to blame what-so-ever! You were born to be a mother, not a dr and that is what they go to YEARS of school for! So glad you went with your gut, you should be proud! Hunter's cousin had to wear a helmet for something similar and it worked wonders! If you need any advice I can pass on her email!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

You are absolutely such a wonderful momma that will be there every step of the way for your little girl! Those helmets are amazing and the healing WILL happen! Hugs!