Best Dressed Chef

It is only fittingly appropriate if the "Chef" Family blog has photos from cooking, right? And of course, they are of the littlest chef, the best dressed Chef.

Dressed in matching aprons and donning sugary smiles, here is Ms. A decorating cookies with Mimi. This is the start to "Camp Kathy" with aprons displaying the Camp Grandma logo.

Decorating with Papa.

Almost done.

Pure perfection. And a job incredibly well done. Or at least through the eyes of a toddler.

And if that apron wasn't enough. Here is Ms. A once again - sporting the Santa suit :) with her Nana.

Apparently cooking in the kitchen was getting a little crazy. Ms. A and her Nana showing some kitchen pride and showing off their work.

One little girl with way too many clothes, or um, aprons for that matter. At least she's the best dressed Chef in our family.


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Did you know that I didn't understand "The Chef Family" until Mollie explained it to me. Can you say retarded?!? haha, I was like, "Does her husband cook a lot?" Anyways, I love the last picture where Ave is copying her sweet Nana!