Looking for a Little Sunshine

While I was making tons of phone calls about our car and figuring out the little details, Ms. A decided to take it in her own hands to find something to entertain her while I was having serious conversations. I had the baby gate up so she couldn't leave the family room/kitchen area ... but apparently it takes no more than a yellow crayon and a clean glass window to occupy her time.

So she decided to draw.

And draw.

And draw some more. You may have to look closely to see the details (yellow color turned out pretty hard to see w/ the camera), but there was seriously yellow crayon as high and low as she could reach with her yellow Crayola.

Maybe she was trying to find the sun and draw the rays around the sun as well. The rain has been non stop the last week and has kept us indoors most of the week. Or, maybe she was simply being the toddler that she is and causing havoc when "Mommy" was not looking.

God bless her little soul.


Liz said...

I LOVE that you chose to take pictures of her little sneaky art! I'm sure she thought you would just love her drawing.... oh boy... and she's almost 2! I'm pretty sure there are only more of those moments to come!