Self Portraits of Two Best Buds

Best Buds.

Those words truly sum up how Ms. A feels about her "Mumma" (as she calls me). I think it's because we've been spending most of our days and nights together these days.

I've been trying to think of new and fun things to do with A and I thought of a mini photo session pretending that we were in a photo booth getting a strip of 4 photos on a sheet. Kind of like the old days, but yet, we weren't in a booth. Nor were we going to be receiving a little photo strip at the end. Thus, the photos ended up being more like a self portrait taken by yours truly. Trying to aim a large SLR camera w/ the lense and hold it at a proper distance definitely takes skill. I never seemed to master that skill. The pictures, however, turned out rather comical.

Here's our photo session. Mommy and her little princess and the dialogue that was spoken between us.

"Stick your tongue out!"

"Shut eyes now."

"Goofy faces, A." Or in her case, big buck teeth!

"Shark teeth!"

"Cheek to cheek."

"Fish lips." A was in the process of doing fish lips that were opening and closing so she could make the fish lips sound. ;)

Let the fun continue and our memories never end. What a fun day!


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

And you win the award again!!

Mollie said...

Mom of the year I tell ya....and it's only January!

Colette said...

The first picture sort of reminds me of someone at your wedding -- can't remember who though. Really great site.