A Little Blue Colt

YEAH for the Colts! Hip hip hooray! A super win for a super team that's headed to the Super Bowl.

As for today, it was another long weekend w/ the Iron Chef working in full force. But, in honor of the Iron Chef's love for football and his love for the Colts, we watched a little bit of the game on television and Ms. A sported her cheerleading outfit for this grand occasion as well.

She also decided that she wanted to fit in her dolls' cradle and did NOT want to get out. I moved all the toys into the living room/dining room for playgroup tomorrow. I think she was a little excited.

She also decided to peel off almost all the labels on a pack of crayons. Wierd, I know! But, she had fun doing it and kept going until the labels were off.

And a close up look at her work.

Our Colts team pride shall continue ... with the super bowl!


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

You win "Mom of the Year" award! I swear you are always doing something so fun with Ava!!