Don't Eat the Yellow Stuff

Thanks, Aunt Jenn, for introducing Ms. A to snow eating. :) The white stuff is okay. Just watch out for the yellow stuff or brown or black or any color that doesn't look normal. It's hard to tell that to a toddler and have them listen. We walked outside to play in the snow and what did A start doing first? Yes, you guessed it. Eat the snow!

Ms. A thinks this "white stuff" tastes pretty good.

Yes, this definitely tastes good.

"I think I'll try some more," thinks A to herself. [Take note on her location of 'clean' snow ... directly next to the driveway of plowed snow. Yum :)].

Nonetheless, the Chef Family was dreaming of a white Christmas and snow indeed we did have while on vacation. In fact, we had an afternoon full of fun enjoying the fluffy white snow.

We had such a fun time we thought A deserved a special sleigh ride in the snow. Ms. A has several facial expressions, but her expressions on her sledding experience were absolutely priceless. In fact, it probably topped her list on one of her favorite things about vacation.

Here is the Sous Chef and Ms. A enjoyed a sleigh ride.

And the muscle behind our sled ...

... just wasn't fast enough. So we decided the John Deere would serve a better, more faster approach to our sledding experience.

Much better.


Leah Robinson said...

How fun! Looks like a blast!!