Being Pregnant

I'm almost 33 weeks along in my pregnancy. The tail end of things, yahoo!!! And, one of the reasons I love being pregnant, is the fact, I can eat certain foods or do certain things and get away with it, simply because ... I'm pregnant.

For those that know me well, I have a sweet tooth. A big one indeed. Mostly chocolate, but pretty much anything sweet will cause a craving for me. I usually don't give in to my sweet tooth pregnancy cravings (very often), but this past weekend at the Iron Chef's Christmas Party I thought, "what the heck, I'll go for it." (I'm referring to the dessert table).

Yes, instead of just being a proper guest and helping myself to a simple dessert, I decided to indulge my palate and select two desserts for myself, one a pumpkin cheesecake and the other a chocolate Swiss cake roll type of dessert. And, thank goodness I did, because the pumpkin cheesecake was better than the chocolate dessert.

However, upon arriving back to my table, everyone asked if I left any dessert for the rest of the party. Ha Ha Ha! I responded that I'm pregnant and apparently eating for two these days and began enjoying my dessert only to find another "guest" had 10 cookies piled high on his plate. He passed by our table and I politely pointed out that I wasn't the only one with a sweet tooth. Someone from our table grabbed two cookies from his plate, which he then proceeded back to the table, helped himself to two more cookies to replace the missing ones, returned back to our table and said, "these are too good to pass up."

Glad I'm not the only one with a sweet tooth out there ~ and at least I could use the pregnancy excuse for my cravings because this wasn't the only time this week I needed a quick sugar fix. While Miss A was at preschool today and I was running errands, I stopped at the "Pink Box Donut" and picked up a chocolate covered donut for myself. I NEVER do things like this, but apparently today, and this weekend, and probably the week before, I did.

Oh, the joys of being pregnant.


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I dare you to try the sea salt caramels from Trader Joe's!!!

Sheri said...

You are much better than I was. I'm not a big choc fan, but there was something about the bavarian cream filled donuts at Safeway that "called" to me. I answered a few too many calls! LOL