A First for Miss A

I have been called the "nap nazi" about napping schedules and making sure Miss A would get her "scheduled" nap at her scheduled time. Well ... her naps are on their way out. Today was one special day. She was up in her room, not napping, of course. I decided that (after a little rest) she could come downstairs and watch a movie on television while I worked on Christmas cards.

And, the little stink, she fell asleep on the couch! She's never done this before and was clearly tired.

I haven't taken a picture of her "sleeping" since she was such a baby because she's usually sleeping in her bed! But, little kiddos and babes are definitely precious when they are sleeping.


Leah Robinson said...

She is seriously so precious! I love watching my girls sleep, even Hunter at age 10 is precious when she sleeps =)

Alli Jo still requires a nap on her preschool days M,W,F...I have no idea what we'll do next year when she is in K :(