Special Santa Visit

The clubhouse in our subdivision has a special Christmas party every year. We made sure to buy tickets in advance this year, and thankfully we did, because it was a sold out event!

Miss A was a very brave little girl, too. Why?

1. She actually sat on Santa's lap.
2. She gave him the biggest hugs.
3. Santa ended his visit by saying she's going to be the sweetest little girl. She was smiling from ear to ear the entire time.

We had a pancake breakfast, made lots of craft activities - including a super messy glittery stocking - and then Santa gave Miss A a very special candy cane and reindeer bell after she sat on his lap. Miss A's reindeer bell said "Dancer" ... so it's "very" special.


Leah Robinson said...

Santa best be gettin' that WHITE DOG!! HA HA We loved watching the videos! Ava looks like she has a "California Tan"! lol