Napa Valley

The Iron Chef and I had a "fancy" Christmas party in Napa Valley last weekend. We enjoyed the evening socializing with the Iron Chef's co-workers, kid-free too!

We hired a "Napa Nanny" for the evening at the hotel for Miss A. She had so much fun with her nanny that when we entered the room around 10 pm she was WIDE AWAKE and told us, "I'm not sleepy" immediately upon us entering into the room! At least she had fun, right?

Here's a picture from our glamorous evening. I just love getting dressed up, wearing my fancy jewelry (thanks to my husband) and spending time together as a couple. And yes, you can tell I'm "ballooning" out from the pregnancy. The photographer only caught me from the waist up, probably because my large belly was causing the flash to have a focusing issue. ;)


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

What a FABULOUS photo of ya'll!!!