1st Day of Preschool

I guess anything is possible, including a mother being more nervous for her daughter going to preschool than the preschooler herself. I was probably more nervous because she had no clue what was actually doing to happen this morning.

What happened? She started preschool. Preschool at the farm. Our instructions were to not wear clean clothes and get ready for your "preschooler" to have a great time learning. This is, infact, exactly what she did.

However, our day began off to a rough start. I wanted to snap a few pictures of Miss A (without her blanket) although this is not what she wanted to do. She was "thrilled" to have her picture taken before preschool.

She threw tantrum ...

after tantrum ... and then we finally left in our car.

After her reaction this morning, I was more than nervous to drop her off to school. It's a little bit of a drive into the country to the farm and it was perfect to get her mind off of her recent tantrum.

We pulled up to the farm and the squeels and noises that Miss A was making when she saw the animals made me realize everything was going to be okay. This was one of the reasons we chose this preschool in the first place and the surroundings and the animals made her excited to learn.

I dropped her off, signed her in and was on my way. She immediately saw a friend she knew, Cullen, and another little girl grabbed her hand and led her over to the baby dolls to play. She was happy; I was happy.

After three hours of preschool, this is how I found her upon my return to pick her up. Sitting in a mini John Deere tractor for kids, DIRTY, and getting her picture taken with her "I Love Preschool" crown. The happiness in her face, the dirt on her face, and the smile made me realize how much fun she had.

I knew Miss A would be hungry upon getting into the car so I was prepared with fresh strawberries and grapes in a cup as a healthy snack for her to enjoy during our drive back home. I had to do everything I could to keep her from falling asleep in the car - even the snack wasn't working!

Upon our return back home and during the drive, Miss A filled me in (and the Iron Chef after he came home from work) and I tried to piece through her day. She played with baby dolls, played outside, saw horses/goats/geese/pigs/dogs/cats, and played with her friend Cullen. Overall, a great day for Miss A. And, most importantly, for the Sous Chef as well.