Book After Book

The Chef family reads book to Miss A ALL THE TIME! Seriously, she will sit for 2 hours and read books. No joking here, either. She relates real world experiences to her "book friends" and now associates being naughty with Franklin, the turtle. No one book in particular is her favorite, although she loves Franklin right now. She just loves books in general.

The Iron Chef snug in on us one evening while reading books on the couch.

I'm sure when she starts reading on her own, she'll be the child that will sneak books under her bed at night and use a flashlight to read when the lights go out. I babysat for a girl like that and never believed it could possibly happen to my own. We'll see!

As for now, the Chef family continues to foster her love for reading and we take her to the library for new books and have been purchasing new books on a regular basis for her reading enjoyment.