Crater Lake National Park

According to Crater Lakes' National Park website ...

"Crater Lake is Like No Place Else on Earth. Crater Lake has inspired people for hundreds of years. No place else on earth combines a deep, pure lake, so blue in color; sheer surrounding cliffs, almost two thousand feet high; two picturesque islands; and a violent volcanic past."

While I'll give them the part that "CL is like no place else on earth," I must say I'm glad the Chef family didn't spend 6 hours in the car just to see Crater Lake. As my husband said, "it's just a big lake." haha.

Crater Lake is definitely more than a big lake, it's a beautiful big lake. ;) Crater Lake is a perfect destination if you're going to make an "event" out of it such as hiking for the day, biking around the lake, camping, etc. In my opinion, it's definitely not worth it to simply drive and see. We made a few scenic stops, visited Rim Village area, took several beautiful pictures ........... and then made our way to Bend, OR.

However, I must say, having previously lived in Vancouver, WA, I'd always wanted to visit Crater Lake because you hear about it so often. With that being said, I am glad I checked this National Park of my to-see list. Crater Lake was beautiful and I think our pictures prove just that.

If you look in the distance, you will see "Crater Lake" hiding behind the volcanic remains. You can see the remains of the volcano and the dip in the middle that hides Crater Lake.