Imagination is something most little ones are fairly great at using. Miss A has had a great imagination for quite awhile, will play by herself and entertain herself with her toys. I must admit, though, it's really starting to pick up.

I found this large mirror at an estate sale and knew it would be perfect for dress up time. I still haven't decided where I want it (that's another day) so it's still leaning on the wall for my daughters' dress up desires. It's actually perfect height for her and she can admire herself playing dress up whether it be a princess a ballerina or ... a cowgirl!

My 2-year-old selected this cowgirl outfit, boots and all - and had an absolute blast.

For you Nashville girls, I know you'll love the boots and her love for them. You'll be happy to know this is her first pair of "cowgirl" boots.


Deanna Sheffler said...

Love it!! Cowboy boots are my favorite even on the wrong feet! and even a Bud Light hat! Adorable!

Leah Robinson said...

Love the boots!! She will fit right in with my country girls =) Where did you get that black shelf/organizer? I've been wanting Joe to build one just like it in our toy room!