Potty Training Blunders

Potty training was going excellent. See Miss A's sticker chart from all the times she actually went potty!

As you can see, she was doing great. Until (yes, the big until) I became so sick with my pregnancy that I couldn't sit in the bathroom reading book after book during the potty training process. Everything made me sick to my stomach and sitting in the bathroom was definitely one of them.

So ... I put potty training on hold. Well, apparently so did Miss A. After we returned from vacation she decided she didn't want to sit on the potty chair at all and frankly, just until tonight, she hadn't sat on the potty chair in a good month. She would scream, she'd cry, throw tantrums, etc so I thought, forget it! I figured she wasn't ready and didn't want anything to do with it either if she was going to act that way.

However, she most definitely knows the process and knows the drill. The other day while playing upstairs, I hear Miss A say to her one of her baby dolls, "Hurry, hurry, hurry" as she proceeded to run to the bathroom. I smiled to myself, thinking that Miss A was running to the bathroom so SHE could use the potty chair.

Without luck, I walked in and found this ...

A disheveled toddler sitting next to her baby doll that was using the potty chair. Apparently she was having a hard time and needed to read several books to her doll.

After all the stickers, the hours, the potty training, at least I can walk away knowing that her baby doll can be potty trained.

Wow, this is going to be a long process ...