Preschool Bound!

The Chef family definitely has a few busy weeks ahead of us as we adjust to our new fall schedule. Miss A is starting preschool two days a week beginning next Tuesday. This will be a transition for her since she has stayed home with me (except for 2 months when I went back to work) and she is quite a mommy's girl these days.

Our days will consist of: playgroups, preschool, MOPS (I'm joining for the first time this fall), Mother Goose on the Loose, speech therapy, LMAKT club events (I'm the treasurer), etc, etc.

I never realized how the introduction of "school" brings on an entirely new world of parenting. Driving, picking up, and driving again. I can't even imagine how many miles I'll be putting on my car when Miss A is in middle school and high school in between sporting events and friends.

Here's to hoping the next few weeks Miss A transitions smoothly to her new schedule.