Turtle Bay Exploration Center

The Chef family recently went on an extended weekend excursion to a few locations in California and Oregon. We had a blast meeting up with friends. Here's a highlight from our visit to Redding, CA and the Turtle Bay Exploration Center.

We drove to Redding via backroads instead of I-5. Something a little different, and actually, a little faster. We saw the beautiful countryside, several fresh fruit stands, walnut tree farms, peach tree farms, several new cities including Chico, and ended up getting stuck behind several pick-up trucks, farmers and locals driving way too slow!

The Turtle Bay museum/park was definitely worth our trip mostly because we were one of the few people actually touring around the facilities. It was the perfect way for Miss A to run around and get some exercise before jumping back into the car for another long ride.

We saw animals and a Wild Animal Show, she played in the kids park area, we toured around a museum, and saw a huge sundial (that actually had the correct time). Overall, a great stop along the trip.

The turtle exhibits were by far one of Miss A's favorites. She spotted the turtles and would get incredibly excited! This one is for you, Mimi!

The butterfly house was another highlight of the park. Miss A was scared at first and then realized it was pretty neat to see all the butterflies flying around. A butterfly even landed on her head ... but I wasn't able to snap a great picture.

Paul Bunyon's treehouse. Miss A had the run of the mill at the kids park area.

The beautiful sundial bridge.

Riding in an old car in the museum. I honestly do not know what this exhibit was all about, but Miss A had a blast steering the wheel and playing old fashioned music on the radio.


Nikki said...

Looks like fun. Speaking of turtles, a dumb lady at the Newport Aquarium saw the sign on one display, noting that it was an 'alligator turtle' and she turned to her husband and said, "Wow, it's part alligator!"